Ready Set Go!

Friday night 7PM

Nothing is on the calendar all weekend, I'm a workaholic, and I need a side hustle.


A webinar about monitizing Instagram is about to begin. I've been learning a lot about online marketing as plan the next steps for (Yes, I know that site is probably down.)


The webinar was worth it. Lots of good information and lots of referrals and links (which I love). I have a ton of domain names that have some yet-to-defined grand purpose. One of these domains,, I've had for about 10 years but have done little with it. Like all the domains I purchase, I set them up with a long list of things that I set up when I add a new domain. Like, adding it to my Office 365 tenant for email, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, etc. So, using it to set up an online store isn't exactly like starting from stratch. I'm still too early in the product development stage to start paying for an online store for Dirty. But if I build a store that just used a dropshipper, I could learn the platform and build some experience while I develop the Dirty brand.

So here begins Earthbound.

I'm recording some of the process in a Teams meeting. I may post some of what I do publicly. But for the most part I'm recording it so I have video documentation of what I'm doing.